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Hybrid Power Solutions

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Solar Energy and Wind Energy Powered Solutions are the Two Major Renewable Energy Solutions Currently at the Forefront of Most Alternative Energy Solutions Which When Combined Effectively and Used Together Produces Better Results Because They Tend to Complement Each Other Nicely Based on their Individual Advantages and Disadvantages.

Our solar hybrid systems are made up of multiple sources of electricity to include Solar PV panels, Generator, Public utility grid with the use of a battery bank as a backup solution. Each source of electricity can operate independently or on an island mode and priority can be set for each source of electricity over the others.

It operates in such a way that the solar panel and Utility grid (PHCN) / Generator supply if available charges the battery bank, and once it is filled it automatically cuts-off itself in other to avoid over charging that can reduce the life span of the battery.

If your utility grid (PHCN) / Generator is ON, the inverter will bypass it so that you can use the utility grid power / Generator supply directly. But once there is a power outage, the inverter immediately switches over to the battery bank that stored (charged) energy without any disturbance to your facility.

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A Third Component of the Renewable Power Equation Which Remains a Very Critical Element & Aspect of Hybrid Powered Solutions has to do With Energy Conservation, Backup Solutions involving - the Use of Batteries and Inverters.
Batteries are Configured to Store the Energy Produced From the Solar System and Other Major Power Generation Sources, to Produce a Very Reliable, Steady, Uninterrupted & Guaranteed Hybrid Powered Solution.

The Benefits & Advantages of
Hybrid Powered Solar Solutions

Very Reliable & Steady Power System
Sustainable System of Power Generation
Highly Increased Power Efficiency
Increased System
Lifetime - Durability
Increased Footprints
Reduced Carbon Monoxide Emissions
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