Solar Grid Solutions For Communities

We Design, Build, Construct and Deploy Solar Power Systems and Backup Renewable Infrastructures for Our Clients nationwide. Our Solutions Will Ease Your Power Needs. Interested? Let's chat.

We've Built Up Skills to Design & Install Solar Grid Projects

anywhere around Africa. As a company, our engineering teams have developed an inhouse capacity to design solar systems, fabricate, build and construct the electrical side of these projects and installation. We also install all kinds of solar farming projects or solar grid based projects especially for urban and rural communities that are yet to be connected to the national grid. Our grid solutions can also come in form of mini grids, existing grid extensions, and completely independent solar systems that provides electricity to rural populations who have been without electricity or newly emerging communities.

Our solar energy training courses actually covers the very basics of solar, renewable energy, and its a very great intro for those who are still new to the

field, those who are looking to make a career change, or those who just want to learn more about energy from the sun, wind, and water, energy efficiency, and the basics of electricity. Join the hundreds of technicians who had their first taste of power engineering, renewable energy and solar system technologies through our training platforms. You won’t only emerge as a certified expert, but you'll learn so much about the different renewable energy technologies and latest emerging trends.

You'll also get to learn load analysis, discover how to analyse various situations which would allow you pick and deploy the right type of renewable energy systems versus another, plus how you can begin to make a difference with your personal energy consumption. Our introductory courses usually serves as a great introduction to renewable energy technologies.

At the very heart of one of our missions as a renewable energy firm is to spread some of the practical lessons

and the knowledge we have been able to garner over the years working as power engineers on numerous renewable energy based projects within the green economy.

Renewable Energy is the future of power engineering and if we are going to get to the next level as obtained in other largely developed countries around the world, then its very important that we take the education of the next batch of renewable professionals and technicians.

I was very impressed with the technical designs and solar solutions we got from the Demanex team who are very excellent on their job. They are the best we've seen in a very long time ...
Mr. James OLADIMEJI Abeokuta, Ogun State
We had issues with our inverter backup systems and decided to call the Demanex team who came highly recommended to help us sort the issue. The advice and recommendations they gave us led to design implementations which eventually fixed it.
Mrs Blessing NWANKWO London, United Kingdom
When it comes to Solar Powered Solutions, these guys are top professionals. We've never had issues with the Solar System they designed, procured and installed on our premises. Their overall service have been excellent, no downtime at all...
Mr. Ibrahim HARUNA Owerri, Imo State
When we decided to install solar in our projects back home, we were referred to Demanex Power Solutions team. Though the quality of their designs appeared pricey, we trusted the warranty, they had attached to their works and have had no cause for repairs or maintenance in the last two years.
Mrs Bola ADEDOYIN Ontario, Canada