Renewable Energy Advisory & Consulting

We Design, Build, Construct and Deploy Solar Power Systems and Backup Renewable Infrastructures for Our Clients nationwide. Our Solutions Will Ease Your Power Needs. Interested? Let's chat.

Our Renewable Energy Advisory and Consulting

services can be further provided as a stand-alone service or an integrated component of your desired project. We have a highly experienced team of renewable energy professionals and power engineers who have real time experiences working on several small, medium and large-scale renewable energy projects across a wide number of industries.

Renewable energy infrastructures and projects are key to the emerging transition to a low-carbon sustainable energy system.

Our renewable energy consulting practice allows us work with our numerous clients to identify carbon footprint opportunities, develop, and implement renewable energy initiatives and projects as a means to improve the overall energy efficiency of their projects or buildings.

As Renewable Energy Consultants, we can work with desiring clients to investigate, understand, advise and also oversee the installation of their preferred renewable energy projects or systems including solar. We can help you achieve your goal of increasing energy efficiency and reducing power generation or utility costs while also reducing the impact of your actions on the environment.

Human activities are actually the major cause of greenhouse gas emissions from

the burning of fossil fuels which has further led to an increase of the earth's temperature and the global threat of climate change. These gasses are also emitted from the use of fossil fuels in the generation of electricity and other byproducts of manufacturing.

Other major effects from these numerous human activities includes extreme precipitation, atmospheric pollution, ocean warming and acidification. Climate change has always been a reoccurring catastrophe since the 1820's - from the start of the Industrial Revolution but had never been taken too seriously until now. This has led to growing calls for renewable energy projects and clean energy as a way of combating these threats.

I was very impressed with the technical designs and solar solutions we got from the Demanex team who are very excellent on their job. They are the best we've seen in a very long time ...
Mr. James OLADIMEJI Abeokuta, Ogun State
We had issues with our inverter backup systems and decided to call the Demanex team who came highly recommended to help us sort the issue. The advice and recommendations they gave us led to design implementations which eventually fixed it.
Mrs Blessing NWANKWO London, United Kingdom
When it comes to Solar Powered Solutions, these guys are top professionals. We've never had issues with the Solar System they designed, procured and installed on our premises. Their overall service have been excellent, no downtime at all...
Mr. Ibrahim HARUNA Owerri, Imo State
When we decided to install solar in our projects back home, we were referred to Demanex Power Solutions team. Though the quality of their designs appeared pricey, we trusted the warranty, they had attached to their works and have had no cause for repairs or maintenance in the last two years.
Mrs Bola ADEDOYIN Ontario, Canada