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We're An EPC Company- We Design, Procure, Build & Deploy Solar Powered & All Forms of Renewable Energy Related Solutions For Clients Worldwide. Our In-House Designed Solutions Will Make Your Power Worries, Irregular Supplies & Crazy Estimated Billings Fade Away. Interested? Let's Chat.


Our professional energy audit services have helped several large commercial organizations and government agencies reduce their power consumption needs and costs while designing power systems that have helped eliminate crazy billing systems and reduce their power costs.


Power is a very vital component for businesses and usually comes at very huge costs to industries and businesses involved in large scale manufacturing and other industrial processes. We help evaluate your power needs and make recommendations to improve your efficiency


Most residences waste power and act surprised when they are usually slammed with crazy power billings from their power service providers. Our residential power audit exercise is a must if you would love to eliminate such bills, save or cut down on your power costs and even consider employer alternative energy solutions.

Our professionally executed energy and power audit services help our clients eliminate wastes & monster energy consumption

By assessing your energy demands & power usage to identify the numerous wastes in your systems, find better energy saving options and recommend alternatives where applicable while reducing your overall costs and ensuring better performance of your service equipment.
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Over 98% of the equipment in a facility usually comes with a power requirement for its operations, thus making the electrical systems components one of the most critical building components.


We engineer and design electrical systems uniquely suited to your facility’s needs. Our vast experience includes designs for new and renovated facilities and multiple building types.


Unlike most solar and renewable energy servicing firms you’ll find on the market today, we’re a true engineering firm made up of trained engineers with several years of professional experiences that allows us design every power solution we’re hired to deploy amongst others..


NEED ON-GRID OR OFF-GRID SOLAR POWER PLANT SOLUTIONS?? Our design operations are handled by a team of competent power consultants and engineers well versed in all types of renewable energy and backup solutions.

Our team of power experts & technicians develop, implement cost-effective, robust & efficient solutions to mitigate any possible power challenges.

We offer effective power system and loads design services for a wide range of industries that includes information technology, military, banking, agriculture, medical and many others.
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As experienced power engineers with lots of projects under our belts, we provide equipment advisory, procurement and delivery solutions in a bid to save costs while reducing the risks of failure on your power projects. This is one of the major ways, we’ve been able to bring our expertise to bear on several commercial power projects.


DEMANEX POWER LIMITED offers an extensive range of procurement services. Our procurement team of engineers are quite versatile, well equipped and experienced to handle the power needs of any residential or city housing project anywhere around the world.


We currently have a number of working agreements and arrangement with foreign and local partners in the OEM business for the supply of products and services in which we work as the exclusive agents to some of these manufacturers.


As a result of these arrangements, we have JVs and Mutual Beneficial partnership with interest in large EPIC procurement contracts. Our global capability in procurement allows us to promote cost effective business relationships and schedule certainty by managing the procurement and delivery of materials, equipment and services for clients.

Our equipment procurement services are designed to help clients with limited information, resources or experience to source

for the best equipment for backup solutions, renewable energy and solar powered system designs especially in this era of fake, counterfeit products, poorly designed power components and equipment.
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With over one hundred small to large scale residential solar powered system designs and projects in our kitty in the last three years, we’re your go to Solar & Renewable Energy Power Engineering firm for your next residential solar project.


Demanex Power is at the forefront of deploying innovative solar powered and renewable energy solutions for all kinds of commercial needs. Today, our total commercial footprint is over 200KWh.


With DEMANEX POWER SOLUTIONS, you can easily order the complete design, development, deployment and also request we help with the procurement of the required equipment for very large residential/industrial projects or mini solar powered on-grid or off-grid stations.

Some of our past projects are mini-grid solar powered-stations for commercial uses with a minimum power capacity of up to 50 KW, which based on design and other factors can be placed both on farm fields and on building roofs.

And where required to run such turn-key projects on a JV/Coop basis, we’re also open to clearly defined working arrangements with partner organizations that could easily optimize the budget of our clients on power projects of such scale.

We offer huge expertise as power service providers, managers & general contractors on power projects in the area of renewable energy and solar solutions at all levels – residential, commercial & industrial.

We're power engineers with a difference who design, build, install and deploy renewable energy and solar powered solutions for clients nationwide. Solar & renewable energy power solutions and projects is at the heart of what we do at DEMANEX POWER SOLUTIONS.
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With plenty solutions to ease your power worries, DEMANEX POWER simplifies your solar switching experience.

We're a renewable energy brand committed to delivering impeccable and innovative renewable power solutions beneficial to all.

Reliable Solar Powered Solutions

Every solar powered project and renewable energy solutions we deploy are trusted and reliable. Our systems are trusted by the hundreds of clients we’ve worked with in the past.

Powered By Professionals

At the heart of our business operations and processes in DEMANEX is a core team of expertly trained engineers with proven track records in business startups and real time power engineering applications.

Custom Made Designs

Our work experiences has taught us that no two solar power installations systems and designs should be the same. Before we recommend, design or deploy solar solutions, we take time out to identify the individual needs of our clients.