Commercial Hybrid Solar Powered Solutions For Homes, Businesses + Industries

We Design, Build, Construct and Deploy Solar Power Systems and Backup Renewable Infrastructures for Our Clients nationwide. Our Solutions Will Ease Your Power Needs. Interested? Let's chat.

At Demanex, we provide hybrid solar powered solutions for

for Homes, Businesses & Industries anywhere within Nigeria. The solar system charges the battery banks which in turn are used to power a house. With a hybrid design, the battery banks can be connected to an external power source like generator or the usual electricity a may be used as a backup to the battery system. A hybrid solar powered system combines the best of both worlds: the convenience of an on-grid or off-grid connected system — with the extra peace of mind of a backup solution in form of the energy storage system. This means that even during a major power blackout, you can still enjoy uninterrupted power supply.

Our final reports would include a detailed analysis of how energy is currently used on your premises and our proposals or

recommendations on what you can easily do to conserve and save energy, boost your energy efficiency and completely eliminate or reduce unwarranted costs based on what we’ve seen on your premises in the course of the energy audit exercise.

As the world makes the global transition to low carbon economy in a bid to reduce our carbon footprints and promote activities that helps protect our environment when we make that decision to become deliberate and go green, it’s increasingly important that we start by evaluating how we consume energy in our daily lives at home and most especially in our businesses, workplace or industry.

About 30% of the world’s carbon emissions come from our human activities within our households and with the ever increasing prices of fuel and electricity, we’ll need to focus on how we can make our homes, businesses and industries more energy efficient in order to reduce our monthly bills.

Our comprehensive energy audit projects are majorly inspection surveys of our clients facilities and premises to help analyse the energy flow and actual requirements or needs in a bid to conserve energy within the buildings and help reduce energy costs.

We could always provide completely customized hybrid solar powered design solutions for your Homes, Businesses & Industries

A hybrid solar powered system combines the best of both worlds: the convenience of an on-grid or off-grid connected system — with the extra peace of mind that comes with a battery backup. This means that even during a major power crisis or blackouts, you can still enjoy uninterrupted power supply.

I was very impressed with the technical designs and solar solutions we got from the Demanex team who are very excellent on their job. They are the best we've seen in a very long time ...
Mr. James OLADIMEJI Abeokuta, Ogun State
We had issues with our inverter backup systems and decided to call the Demanex team who came highly recommended to help us sort the issue. The advice and recommendations they gave us led to design implementations which eventually fixed it.
Mrs Blessing NWANKWO London, United Kingdom
When it comes to Solar Powered Solutions, these guys are top professionals. We've never had issues with the Solar System they designed, procured and installed on our premises. Their overall service have been excellent, no downtime at all...
Mr. Ibrahim HARUNA Owerri, Imo State
When we decided to install solar in our projects back home, we were referred to Demanex Power Solutions team. Though the quality of their designs appeared pricey, we trusted the warranty, they had attached to their works and have had no cause for repairs or maintenance in the last two years.
Mrs Bola ADEDOYIN Ontario, Canada
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This service is for you if you're tired of estimated or crazy billing systems from your energy service providers.