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We're totally committed to clean energy

Demanex Power Solutions Ltd is an indigenous company duly registered in Nigeria to provide qualitative services in the following core areas: Renewable energy, Energy projects, Power solutions and Backup Solutions.

Our professional experience and expertise enable us to provide complete customized solutions for our customers; the full range from Designs, Installation, Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) and Commissioning to maintenance management.

For our customers, that means: the best possible solutions for all their requirements – now and in the future. At Demanex Power Solutions, we design and customize every system according to our individual customer’s requirements, needs and locations.

We are well positioned by our wealth of experience in the renewable energy industry to provide cost effective renewable energy and backup solutions to meet your daily power requirements and needs.


Company Vision & Mission

To become a leading African clean tech company energizing a sustainable world through affordable and innovative renewable energy solutions.

We are on a mission to deliver the best possible renewable energy solutions and energy projects to our clients by leveraging on our wealth of experience and continuous innovation by leading the quest to change the world as the trusted and reliable sustainability partner creating valued, efficient renewable energy solutions with passion, expertise, teamwork and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction.

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How We Work - Our Processes

We Design, We Build & Construct, We Deploy, Install & Maintain Solar Power Systems and Backup Renewable Infrastructures for Our Clients nationwide. Our Solutions Will Always Ease Your Power Needs. Interested? Let's chat.
  • 1
    Professional Energy Audit

    We often run a comprehensive energy audit and load analysis exercise in a bid to determine the power consumption demands of any new project.

  • 2
    Complete System Design

    We design the entire solar system modules after carrying out a comprehensive power audit. Every design is a customized power solution.

  • 3
    Solar System Installation

    We identify the various solar system components making up the module we need to buy, build and construct some, then install the complete system.

  • 4
    Project Commissioning

    We commission projects to test the quality of our works and ensure it works perfectly according to specification and exceeds client's expectations.

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We are absolutely committed to rebuilding a new world powered by clean energy solutions!

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