5 Excellent Ways to Find a Reputable Solar Company in Nigeria For Your Solar Projects!

These days, it’s very common to see every Tom, Dick and Harry trying to run a solar company in Nigeria claiming to offer Solar EPC and installation services. Most of these folks are majorly solar product marketers trying to profit from the emerging renewable energy market but in a bid to keep up with the Jones, they often make ridiculous claims to get you to use their services only to end up deploying solar powered systems that eventually packs up or fails after a few months of usage.

This usually happens because they try to cut corners and failed to contract reputable Solar Engineers to design and handle these solar system installations in their quest to make huge profits. They often prey on your ignorance and make untenable claims in a bid to fit into your budgets and grab your business. In this article, we shall be showing you how to find a reputable solar company in Nigeria for your next Solar Powered Systems project anywhere across the country.

So here we go,


The first step for you is to get the basics – the basic knowledge about SOLAR POWERED SYSTEMS and the renewable energy environment. Get to know how it works before trying to pick a solar company. If you fail to get this basic knowledge or understanding, you’re likely going to pick the wrong company because you’ll operating blindly in a field where you’ve got no clue.

This knowledge will equip you with the right mindset and info you’ll need to ask the relevant questions from any reputable solar company in Nigeria. It also gives you an idea of how solar works, the components that make up a solar power system and some other basics you’ll need to know to be able to hire the right company for your solar project anywhere in Nigeria.

You can read up a few of the Solar Basics 101 articles on our blog to get this knowledge or click on the links we’ve shared below to visit these trusted portals and get informed on how Solar Works.

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Once you’ve been equipped with the right information and understanding about how solar works, it’s time to start your own research for Solar Companies in Nigeria that can handle your project. Start your research online – A basic Google and social media search is a great way to get started immediately.

When you’ve found a few companies, visit their websites and handles on social media platforms to check them out and see if they offer products and services that suit your needs. This is the time when you also open discussions with them and get to ask all the questions you’ll need to ask to be able to pick the right company. We have a great article – 7 Vital Questions You Must Ask Before Picking A Solar Company – that shows you how to do this, click here to read it up.

However, one of the best ways to commence a search in finding a reputable Solar Company Nigeria is through referrals. Start asking questions from those around you – especially your trusted friends and acquaintances who have been able to switch to solar to recommend some of these companies to you and begin to follow them from a distant. Sometimes, you can also ask the companies for recommendations or testimonials – let them show you a few of the projects or installations they’ve handled and then you find a way to speak with their owners of these Solar Assets and garner info.

You can also decide to hire a Power Consultant or Consulting firm who understands this terrain to handle your brief and supervise the project. You can simply tell them what you want and allow them oversee the entire process from start to finish with your supervision and final validation.


Once you now have an idea of your load requirements after conducting an audit as outlined in step three above, then it’s time you start requesting for proposals and quotes/ quotation from solar companies to be able to get a very fair price. It is from the quality of these proposals and quotations, you’ll be able to verify their credentials, then detect and spot genuinely reputable solar companies from the ones without ethics who are most likely to do very shoddy jobs.

Never allow pricing and costs to become the major deciding factor in your bid to pick a reputable solar company to handle your next solar project. Unethical companies will always want to do anything to clinch the sale while the reputable companies will rather walk away than cave in to design and give you a solar system that will fail eventually.

Trying to pick a solar energy company on the basis of a cheap solar quotation is compromising on the quality of the eventual system and reliability of the components that makes up the design. With a detailed solar quotation or proposal, you’ll be able to see the individual components and equipment listed by each company that makes up its design. It also gives you a detailed insight into their methodologies and procedures in handling a job. Many will seize such opportunities to also make recommendations you must adhere or stick to if they would have to handle your job.

For example, if they had tested your roofs in the course of the audit and discover that its very bad and unsuitable for solar installation, reputable solar energy companies will strictly advise that you change the roof and include it in your cost while unethical solar firms will neglect that and claim to find a way around it in a bid to win your brief.

Another advantage of getting multiple solar proposals and briefs is that it also allows you to compare the experiences and work credentials of the various solar energy companies bidding for your projects. Solar engineers and technicians have different capacities and levels of experiences on the basis of the the projects they have been able to handle in the past. Just one bad mistake during a solar installation on your rooftops, can lead to serious leaking problems that will eventually cost you more and even cause you to change the entire roof thus erasing any savings you hope to make.

Another issue you must watch out for during this phase is the quality of answers some of these solar energy companies will actually give to the questions or concerns you have raised. Reputable solar energy companies will always provide more detailed answers to every question or concerns you have raised about their methodologies or processes and equipment while the poor ones will be very evasive and just keen on how they can get you to tie them to a deal even if it means cutting corners. One great question you’ll do well to ask them at this time is how they intend to install a solar power system on your roof without destroying the roof or leading to future leakages from rainfalls during the rainy seasons.


Sometimes, you’ll have to be highly wary of solar energy companies that have only been in business for a few years because the longer the years of existence of a solar firm, the more likely they’ll be very experienced and technically competent on the job due to the number of projects they have executed within that periods.

In Nigeria, though solar and renewable energy projects have just started gaining real grounds nationwide, there are still a few reputable solar energy companies with valid track records that are quite reliable and trusted to handle your brief. Most of these reliable solar energy firms with track records to show often offer warranty on their jobs and are ready to stand by such projects.


Pricing should never be the basis or grounds upon which you’ll ever decide to hire or pick a reputable solar energy firm to work with on your projects. Yes, we usually tend to love everyone who helps us save money and work around our low budgets, but doing this doesn’t necessarily help us save money on solar powered systems.

By automatically going with some of the cheapest solar quotations, you’ll be likely compromising on the quality of the solar tools, instrumentation and likely equipment that would be used to execute your jobs. There are very huge differences in the quality of solar equipment and installations.

While it’s actually possible that the best and most reputable solar energy firms might also be the cheapest, you’ll never know this for a fact until you compare the solar quotations and proposals while conducting your own personal research on these solar energy companies in Nigeria. Conversely, the most expensive solar quotations and proposals doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll get the best execution on your project.

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